MasterClass in Construction Contract Administration: A Pioneering Initiative by Gherghina Oana and the Regional Centre for European Studies

The Regional Centre for European Studies (RCES), an esteemed online executive education institution in Europe, has launched an innovative MasterClass focused on the Administration of Construction Contracts. This course is a testament to the RCES’s commitment to offering expert-led academic programs that have already transformed the lives of thousands globally​​​​.

At the helm of this MasterClass is Prof. Dr. Oana Gherghina, a distinguished figure in the field of construction law. Dr. Gherghina, the President of the RCES Scientific Committee and Managing Partner of Gherghina Law holds a Ph.D. in Construction Law and is an acclaimed author of two Construction Law books and numerous international scientific articles. With two decades of experience as a business attorney and her extensive academic involvement, including her role as a Business Law and European Union Law Professor at FABIZ Bucharest, Dr. Gherghina is uniquely positioned to lead this program​​​​.

The MasterClass is designed to delve into the nuances of contract formulation, negotiation, and administration in the construction sector. It promises to equip participants with the necessary skills to confidently navigate contracts, mitigate risks, and efficiently settle disputes and resolutions. This initiative by RCES and Dr. Gherghina aims to fortify the participants’ knowledge base, setting a strong foundation for successful construction projects​​​​.

Through this course, Dr. Gherghina plans to guide participants through the intricacies of construction contracts, leveraging her extensive practical experience and theoretical knowledge. The course aims to transcend beyond textbook knowledge, offering insights rooted in real-life experiences and rich legal expertise. This approach is expected to provide a comprehensive understanding of the subject, crucial for professionals involved in the construction industry​​.

In summary, the MasterClass on the Administration of Construction Contracts is a significant step forward in professional education in the field of construction law and contract management. Under the guidance of Prof. Dr. Oana Gherghina and backed by the expertise of the RCES, this course is set to empower professionals with the knowledge and skills required for effective construction contract administration.