How our lawyers can help?

Delayed or aborted transactions, disrupted or delayed supply chains, sharp decreases in corporate earnings, concerns over commercial viability of your contracts, major event cancellations and decreased consumer activity are all playing a part in the disruption of markets and businesses around Romania due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

We organised a task force of the most capable lawyers of our firm and we monitor the legal implications of coronavirus. We have used our regulatory capabilities and industry sector understanding to produce a range of practical guidance, delivered through client updates. We are in process of preparing a series of webinars.

Due to CIVID 19 epidemy we consider that some of the immediate implications on businesses across industries include:

  • The impact on employment relationships from both health & safety and employee relationship management perspectives.
  • Planning and deploying crisis response plans.
  • Understanding the potential use of force majeure clauses.
  • Challenges within contracts, supply chains and M&A or joint venture transactions, including frustration, MACs and breach of representation/warranty.
  • Increased risk of cybersecurity threats and corporations breaking data privacy rules.
  • Insurance coverage queries, including liability insurance, business interruption insurance and scenarios such as event cancellation.

Gherghina Law Team can help you respond to any challenges impacting you, across your business. Get in touch with us at or speak to your usual Gherghina Law contact.