Olga Nicolau

Mrs. Olga Nicolau has a decade of experience with our firm and advises clients in domestic, international, private and public business transactions in a variety of areas, including real estate development and construction, international distribution, retail, consumer protection, and labour law. She advises clients on matters regarding , contracts, financial and compensation planning, product labelling, mergers and acquisitions, and exit strategies.

Cristina Pascu

Mrs. Cristina Pascu joined our firm fifteen years ago and since then she gained a huge experience in domestic insolvency procedures, financial planning, product labelling, and data privacy protection. She advises clients on reorganisation plans, debts recovery and exit strategies.

Cezarina Moraru

We are proud to announce that this year, our former partner with outstanding results in our law firm was selected to join the High Court of Cassation and Justice as Magistrate Assistant.