The History

Our firm effectively started in 1949, when the Greek Civil War, fought between 1946 to 1949 has ended, and the grandfather of our founding partner Toma Elena, who was a persona non grata in Greece as a former Military Prosecutor, moved to Romania, and started a law firm based in Bucharest, under a false name Caldararu.

Lawyer Diploma 1949

During the communist regime and under the circumstances of a hunted man, his practice was discrete, until November 1982, when all his clients were handed over to his niece Toma Elena.

In memoriam Flavius Teodosiu

In 1982, Toma Elena joined the Bucharest Bar Association and was selected partner by the most famous lawyer in Romania, the illustrious Flavius Teodosiu, Dean of the Bucharest Bar Association. In august 1989, a few months before the Romanian Revolution Mr. Teodosiu tragically died and our founding partner Elena Toma continued the law practice as managing partner until her retirement in 2008.


Palatul Facultății de Drept iulie 1949

Being the third generation of lawyers in the family, Gherghina Oana Ruxandra, the daughter of Toma Elena joined the firm in 2001, and continued as a managing partner from 2008, when her mother retired. She was one of the first lawyers to recognize an opportunity to deal with large commercial cases in a boutique law firm, being surrounded by brilliant and engaging lawyers.

Dorobanți Office

Gherghina Law has developed a global network of top lawyers, who simply are part of our firm… not just part of an office. This is one reason why Gherghina Law operates seamlessly as a single firm and can field an integrated trial team with lawyers from all over the world.

Our team of lawyers can provide a wide variety of sophisticated legal advice and counsel. Additionally, since we have partners in many of the major cities across the country, we can provide national depth of expertise coupled with a local or regional presence and local or regional knowledge. We strive to consistently deliver service at the highest levels of quality and reliability, giving our clients a one-firm approach and giving us the long-lasting relationships we treasure.