Gherghina Oana Ruxandra

From as early as I can remember, I was focused on continuing my 1949 family tradition in the legal business. Today, I am proud to be the third generation lawyer.

“In my professional opinion as a business lawyer for almost 20 years, Romania is a strategic choice for investors due to our friendly business climate, designed to encourage development and growth. Romania is a solid ground for setting-up investments that are innovation intensive, technologically advanced and with maximum economic impact. I am so happy and so proud to be able to continue my family tradition as a lawyer at Gherghina Law, surrounded by the most capable attorneys, the amazing non-legal staff, our ireplaceble affiliated partners all around the world and our exclusive clientele

Holding a PhD in Business Law and managing with excellence difficult cases have long distinguished the practice of Gherghina Oana Ruxandra.

Since the firm’s founding in 1949, our lawyers have added value to our clients’ endeavors by combining deep legal skills with original and practical thinking. Our Managing Partner’s vision is not to transform our boutique law firm in the largest firm in town,…but definitely the best one.

Gherghina Oana managed to combine domestic and international knowledge, enjoying a familiarity with both local and foreign markets, that has taken years to acquire.

As a FIDIC expert she played an important role in many major projects and transactions and also in remarkable litigations. Gherghina Law have pioneered areas of law and many Supreme Court decisions bear our firm’s touch. Regular involvement with major actors and cutting-edge issues cultivates strong skills among our lawyers.

Published Author

The FIDIC Construction Contracts 2020 – CH Beck Publishing

2013-2020 Lecturer, Member of the Scientific Board of Regional Centre for European Studies

2013 – present FIDIC Expert for Major Infrastructure Projects, for the Ministry of Transport

2012- present FIDIC Adjudicator, President of the Romanian Adjudicators Association

2010- present Insolvency practitioner , member of UNPIR; Managing partner of Gherghina Insolvency

2010-2015: International Arbitrator, member of the International Court of Arbitration nearby the Romanian Chamber of Industry and Commerce

2008 Managing Partner of Gherghina Law

2001 Lawyer, Member of the Bucharest Bar Association,

2019 PhD Doctorate Degree in Business Law with the thesis “FIDIC Construction Contracts”
2012-2013: Masters Degree in Business Law


Depending on the complexity of the cases the hourly fee of our Managing Partner varies form 200 eur to 400 eur/ hour.

Give back to society

Consulting activities and Court representation for the Association for Companies Protection against State abuse APCIAS

Chair of the Scientific Comitee of the Association for the Prevention of State Abuse Against Companies (APCIAS)

1.Pro-bono cases and consulting activities for the Association for Partnership and Strategic Alliances Lifegate fighting against cancer and for the development of the health sector in Romania
2.Legal consulting activities for Board of the Revival Association fighting for Human Rights and Democracy in Romania
3.Member of the Scientific Comitee of the The Association for the Development of the Romanian Social Infrastructure, involved in social projects developed by local authorities with EU Funding resources
4.Legal consulting activities and Chair of the Consumer Protection Comitee of the Association for the Recovery of the Romanian Identity.