M&A is often the quickest, most efficient way for companies to transform their businesses, whether it be through purchasing or divesting products, service lines, technology or supply chains, as well as entering or exiting particular markets. Because of the pressures of globalization, companies around the world will continue to pursue these transactions to remain profitable and innovative regardless of market trends and economic fluctuations.

From our experience, the challenges of these transactions are many, particularly in cross-border deals involvingĀ  high-growth markets where regulatory environments and business practices vary. Buyers today engage our services because they face various problems like inadequate due diligence, assuming compliance or reputational risk, getting merger clearance, having the right deal timetable or having the capacity to effectively integrate the target. Sellers face similar preparation, regulatory and antitrust challenges that require expert counsel.

Along the years, our lawyers executed many transactions, gaining the experience and expertise so critical to helping clients mitigate risk and achieve their goals in industries including healthcare, retail, industrials, insurance, food and beverage, and technology.