Founding Partner

Toma Elena

Toma Elena

In November 1982, Toma Elena, joined the Bucharest Bar Association and continued as a managing partner of her grandfather’s 1949 Law practice, until 1983, when she was proud to be selected partner of the most famous lawyer in Romania at that time, the illustrious Flavius Teodosiu, Dean of the Bucharest Bar Association.

During the final years of the communist regime our founding partner became one of the most reputable lawyers in Romania, and together with the team coordinated by Mr. Flavius Teodosiu, she dealt with the most complicated cases of the justice system at that time, which included also death penalty criminal cases.

In august 1989, just a few months before the Romanian Revolution in December 1989, Mr. Teodosiu tragically died and our founding partner Elena Toma decided to start her independent law practice, which we are proud to continue today. She was the managing partner of former Toma Law and actual Gherghina Law until her retirement in 2008.

The firm has long been known for the quality of our practice and the skills of our lawyers, and our founding partner managed to permanently adapt the firm to the fluctuating Romanian business environment and to our young democracy, being today one of the most respected boutique law firms in the country.