The Construction Industry

The building and construction industry is characterised by progress. In these years, several complex and cost-intensive public construction projects are struggling to be finalised and other are yet to come. There is a growing focus on construction projects being sustainable and meeting environmental certification schemes.

Gherghina Law is one of the leading construction law firms in the areas of real estate and construction law and has been for many years, for both public and private projects developed under FIDIC and NEC conditions of contract. Advising players in the construction industry requires in-depth knowledge of the legal, financial and environmental aspects of the legislation.

Gherghina Construction Law department is the main core of our law practice and includes some of the most experienced lawyers and Engineers, in Romania, enabling us to offer the highest quality of advice in the construction business both locally and international. Our Managing Partner holding a PhD in Construction Law with the thesis “FIDIC Construction Contracts”, advises developers, contractors, and architects on real estate and difficult construction metters, including contracting, construction projects, and property development.

We represent some of the leading players in the real estate and construction market, and are at the forefront in regard to legal advice in complicated real estate transactions and other real estate related issues.